The Sweet Life of a Chocolatier

The Sweet Life of a Chocolatier by Liz McChesney

The military spouse is quite a wonder. They manage an ever-moving household, hold down the homefront when their soldier deploys, and keeps things at a somewhat “norm” in an often stressful lifestyle. While doing all of these things, finding work outside the home can be just as much a wonder. When relocation tends to visit more often than family, employment for the military spouse can be scarce and difficult to find. That is why many have turned to independent contracting and consulting.

A sweet new twist on an old favorite is the occupation of an Independent Chocolatier with Dove Chocolate Discoveries™ of Mars, Inc. Jessica Jones, Independent Senior Chocolatier and wife of an Active Duty Airman, has been leading this decadent career for several months now; “I love the expressions on people’s faces when I tell them I’m a Chocolatier. They perk up immediately and ask what it’s about.” The fact that this is not your typical consultant-lead party is one that is definitely in her favor. Many consumers are used to basket, candle, and kitchen parties. Very few are expecting an invitation to feast on chocolate delight! “People are drawn to my business because it’s something new and fun.” In addition to a tasting party on a variety of indulgent treats, guests are introduced to the Dove Chocolate Discoveries™ product line of candies, mixes, even beverages. As a consultant, the Independent Chocolatier educates their audience, all the while building profit for their business with sales and future party bookings.

With any job, there’s an up-side and a down-side. The upside is that the average Independent Chocolatier earns a commission of approximately 25 percent of their personal sales volume each month, but can make up to 40 percent within their initial 90 days of consulting. The company also offers a Manager Bonus and an Earnings Assurance Program, which assures a percentage of earnings on your downline (those who consult under you). As always with independent consulting, there’s the promise of meeting new people and outsourcing – something every military spouse can appreciate. Jones says, “I love that I’m my own boss and make my own hours! I actually started this business while my husband was deployed, and I was alone with our four children – that’s how easy it was.” The down-sides are few says Jones, “Since my husband was gone, it was tough at times to find a babysitter.” Aside from that she finds it quite positive and rewarding, “People perk up and say how much they love chocolate, so we have a lot of fun!”

This fresh opportunity is one that reaps great reward in many aspects. With Jones’ sales team building around her, she is making great success and has plenty of room for you to join her! You can view her website at She can also be found on facebook at Jonesin for Dove Chocolate Discoveries.


Liz McChesney is a proud Army wife of over 10 years and mother of four. She volunteers for local Army family initiatives and enjoys writing. She has been a contributing writer for Army Wife Magazine and Red River Magazine.

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